5 tips for new LawLancers

At LawLancer, we're committed to democratising access to legal work and empowering the new generation of law students. One big part of this is through creating a product that not only gives you new opportunities, but teaches you skills along the way. We're super conscious of making the LawLancer platform both secure and easy to use so that all our LawLancers can deliver outstanding results.

To do so we have identified a number of key tips that all LawLancers will need to be on top of to have success. Don't worry, we'll cover these in detail during your training!

1. Be conscious of time and utilise it effectively

Learning to control your time is an art form. Not everyone can do it, but as a LawLancer, it's pretty important that you do... One of the most important ways we believe you can learn to effectively manage your time is to get to know yourself first, and your habits. Using what you know about your own work habits, you can put together an achievable plan. If you work better early in the morning, don't try to stay up late at night trying to get your research done.

Law students also tend to be perfectionists, but it's seriously true that nothing will ever be perfect. In order to utilise your time effectively, you need to learn to justify the view you have reached in your research and move on. You can't spend too long on one task, and it's important that you learn when it is appropriate to submit your work.

2. Be clear on the purpose, scope and deadline of the brief.

The prompts in the platform ensure that every LawLancer is briefed effectively by the instructing law firm. However, this is something you need to be proactive about. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you feel as though there are grey areas relating to a particular brief, do not hesitate to get clarity on these issues. It is important you go into each job being clear on the purpose, scope and deadline of the brief you have been given. It's better to ask questions up front than to have to re-do your work because you were unclear on what you were doing.

3. Time management around delivery is critical

Time management is a crucial skill to have in our fast-paced world, and developing this skill as a law student will put you in front of every other graduate when you get into legal practice. As a LawLancer, this is the perfect time to try out some new time management skills:

  • Make lists with small, achievable goals;

  • Prioritise - do the jobs that need to be done first;

  • Block sources of distraction while you work, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter;

  • Do not multitask - focus your attention solely to getting one brief completed;

  • Constantly review your productivity;

  • Know your limits - don't take on too much, otherwise you will become overwhelmed and nothing will get done; and

  • Finally, always aim to meet deadlines but, if you can't, request an extension from your instructing law firm well before it.

4. Be proactive about getting work and developing your skills.

Without pushing yourself too far past your limit, it's important you are proactive in getting work on a wide range of briefs and from a variety of different law firms.

The beauty of being a LawLancer is that you are not pigeonholed into one area of law. You have the ability to develop your skills in a wide variety of legal topics. So take advantage of this!

Make sure, for example, that if you haven't done any family law research, you request it. As you move forward, understanding all areas of the law will give you clarity on the type of lawyer you wish to be when you graduate. It will also mean that you are across the board, and understand how different areas of the law interact. Skills such as this can't be taught at law school, and will benefit you greatly when you're looking for a grad job!

5. Never backdate anything!

Make sure you never put an earlier date to a brief than the actual one. It is a bad habit to get into, and fabricating a piece of your own work in this way will not look good to a prospective employer. There isn't much we have to say about this, just don't do it!

So that's it! 5 Tips to crush it as a new LawLancer.