Freelance Legal Research

LawLancer connects legal service providers with legally inclined minds on a freelance basis.

Lawyers need research undertaken and students need experience.

LawLancer allows a legal provider of any size to connect with many students in a way that is flexible and can fit around study.

LawLancer is easy to use. When you have an assignment due, don’t take on any LancerBriefs. When you have some down time you can take on as many briefs as you can.
— Sarah Roach QLS Innovation in Law Award Winner 2017

The Lancer Promise

We train and develop the new thinkers. LawLancers have a special combination legal skill and outside the box capability. 


Helix Legal

A new breed of legal team

It’s time to break up with tradition. Not just another law firm peddling the old ways of doing things, Helix Legal is a team of fresh legal minds. In an industry full of tradition, we’re starting with only one fixed idea: how can we do better. That means saying goodbye to recording every 6 minutes of your day, sayonara to little cubicles and au revoir to the pecking order.


Helix Legal are taking expressions of interest from early adopters who are keen to give LawLancing a go. If you want to be part of the next wave of disruption get in touch.
— Janelle Kerrisk