How does LawLancer work?

1.  TRAIN - All LawLancers must complete and pass an intensive Lancing Bootcamp before acceptance.

2.  JOIN - Create a profile and identify the areas of law that excite you.

3.  SEARCH - Your Instructor will post LancerBriefs for you to accept. You can search for and apply for LancerBriefs that interest you and fit within your university schedule.

4.  GET HIRED - Your Instructor will accept your offer to complete the LancerBrief.

5.  WORK -  Use the LawLancer platform to chat, share, and collaborate with your Instructor.

6.  GET PAID - Payment will be released to you only when your instructor confirms the work has been received and is accepted

You work will be rated using the 5 sword system - 5SS.

The 5SS rating works like Uber stars. The top performing students are knighted LawLancers. If you consistently score 3 swords and lower you will be asked to attend further Lancer training and development.

LawLancers are primed for poaching so if you decide to take on a firm in full-time employment you will be set free, no strings.

You can hold face-to-face meetings online with your Instructor without having to leave your home, university, coffee shop or wherever else you decide to make your WorkBench for the day.

We are looking for university students that are ready to start solving real legal problems in real law firms using a virtual connection. The students who become LawLancers are a force of disruption for the legal industry.
— Janelle Kerrisk