LawLancer is the only freelancing website where lawyers can find summer clerks in any season and for any project.

All LawLancers go through a training program to ensure consistency and quality across all work produced.  

What do you need to do?

1.  JOIN - Become a LawLancer Member firm

2.  ASK - Post your LancerBrief

3.  REVIEW – consider your matched Lancers

4.  HIRE - Accept the Lancer’s Offer

5.  WORK – Use the LawLancer platform to chat, share and collaborate with your Lancer

6.  PAY - Payment is released only when you confirm you have received the work and are satisfied with it

7.  RATE - provide the student with a fair assessment of their work so that we can ensure consistent quality and provide training and support where it is needed

LawLancers are not paid by the hour but for producing the outcome you specify in your brief.

Innovation Index
We are looking for people who want to embrace the opportunity to combine a passion for innovation with their legal studies.
— Janelle Kerrisk | Founder

A Lecture Theatre full of undergraduate support as and when you need it from an army of smart, passionate and well trained law students.